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Looking back at 2023

Starting Point

McDonalds Carpark Bairnsdale

Here's where you sign up, grab your first card and get the briefing for the ride. You can fuel up on Maccas and coffee here, meet up with your mates for the day and hopefully draw a good card. A police escort is available to stop traffic on cross streets and keep everyone safe. We roll out of Bairnsdale in a massive convoy on route to Lake Tyers via Bruthen.

Stop Number 1

Lake Tyers Water Wheel Tavern

Having made it safely through Bairnsdale up through Bruthen and turning right to follow the Tambo River the ride comes out at Swan Reach before a quick spin through Lakes Entrance and into Lakes Tyres for a quick pit stop at the Lakes Tyres Beach Water Wheel Tavern. Its time for card number 2 and a quick refreshment and chat before onto out next stop.


Stop Number 2

Marlo Hotel

After leaving Lake Tyers beach its time to head for Nowa Nowa then following the Princes Highway onto Orbost. A quick lap through the main street of Orbost and down the Marlo Road to the Marlo Hotel. Here its lunchtime with a bbq provided and card number three drawn.

Stop Number 3

Bellbird Hotel

The ride next heads along the coastal road towards Cape Conran before taking a sharp left to head back towards Cabbage Tree Creek to join the Princes Highway. New for 2023 is a quick spin down to the Bellbird Creek Hotel. The pub has been renovated and decorated and is a bikers dream. Card number 4 is drawn here at the pub.


Stop Number 4

Orbost Club Hotel

The last stop for the Poker Run 2023 and its the Orbost Club Hotel where you draw card number 5 and see how your hand stacks up. Here you can park up for the night, have a few well earned cold ones and get ready for the nights festivities.

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